Warm Gospel Tapes

"We are, in fact, technically equipped to transform our contemporary awareness of nature's manner of operation into art."
-John Cage

In 2011, I began a cassette-based music label called Warm Gospel. The label focuses on experimental music rooted in electronic music techniques, and releases music from artists spanning the globe.

I do all of the printing, cutting, and dubbing for each release. Much of the cover art for releases comes from my own collage work.

I make music under the moniker Skyscraper. My personal releases are an extension of the visual work that I do, exploring sampling techniques to create album-length sound collages.

Listen to and view my work as Skyscraper, as well as the rest of the label releases, at the Warm Gospel Bandcamp page.

"Get Chill with Warm Gospel" Tabs Out Interview with Mike Haley, June 2014